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Insect & Monkey Screens, Outdoor Blinds, Security Screens and StepUp Fruit Picking Ladders.

Cool Living specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of premium-quality products for living spaces, such as homes, businesses, lodges, offices, hotels and restaurants. 

Our innovative product range includes a premium outdoor blind range, insect and monkey screens to enhance your living space, Honey Badger security screens and Crimsafe security screens to protect your living space and unique StepUp fruit-picking ladders.

Our products offer a feeling of “cool living” – both in terms of temperature and attitude. 

You like that, right? Now that’s cool living for real.

Cool Living Slidetrack Blinds Innovative


Cool Living manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality outdoor and patio blinds, from premium quality SlideTrack Blinds and Crank Blinds to Rope Pulley Blinds. SlideTrack Blinds are a premium spring-loaded blinds, that are efficiently secured in tracks on both sides of the blind. Our Crank Blind are high-quality outdoor blinds that allow for the effective closing of wide open spaces. Our practical Rope Pulley Blind is an outdoor blind that is designed and robustly manufactured to withstand the elements. 


Our Insect and Monkey Screens are about enhancing living spaces and the ultimate addition to a room. They are manufactured for doors and windows, and designed to keep all crawling, flying, slithering and intrusive visitors at bay, while allowing for natural ventilation throughout your interior spaces.

Insect and Monkey Screens
Honey Badger Security Screens


Our Honey Badger Security Screens are about securing living and business spaces and the essential addition to a building. They are manufactured for doors and windows, and designed to to keep you safe, while allowing for unobstructed views and natural ventilation throughout your interior spaces. Honey Badger Security Screens are designed for both businesses and homes (even adding an extra layer of unobtrusive security for estate living, giving you complete peace-of-mind).


We know you want the best when it comes to keeping your family and colleagues safe. That's why Cool Living is now proudly protecting South Africa with Crimsafe - Australia's strongest and most trusted range of security screens. Years of development and research have culminated in a range that redefines security screens by offering superior strength, versatility and architectural styling. Because like you, when it comes to protecting your loved ones and colleagues, we won't settle for second best.

Cool Living Crimsafe Security Screens
Cool Living Step Up Fruit Picking Ladders


The Cool Living StepUp Fruit-Picking Ladders are designed to be industrial strength and lightweight, with innovative features which include robust and reinforced ladder rungs, a solid and stable base to ensure stability in orchards, and innovative supporting pole for ease of use. Our innovative ladders were designed in conjunction with the farmers and picking teams in the apple and citrus industry.


VISIONTEX outdoor blind fabric is Australia’s leading outdoor mesh solution. VISIONTEX PLUS and VISIONTEX VIEW features PVC coated, high-tensile polyester woven with peace of mind self-extinguishing fire resistance, and high abrasion capabilities. VISIONTEX is made to perform. It’s manufactured to the exacting Okeotex certification system with NO harmful toxins like lead, mercury, chromium, and with a 10-year warranty. VISIONTEX is your peace of mind certainty for years of outdoor blind performance.

Cool Living Visiontex Fabric
Cool Living PVC Blind Fabric


PVC fabric and finishes include both standard matt and gloss, including single or double lacquer coating. The coating technology we use is Dip-coating, where both sides are coated simultaneously, as well as Knife Over Roll process. We also utilise a 500 micron and 750 micron clear PVC for our outdoor blinds. The clear PVC is used as a very practical way to enhance your view via a dual-view window.


Cool Living high quality range of home and business improvement products offer a feeling of “cool living” – both in terms of temperature and attitude.  You’d like to experience that that, right?

So get in touch with Cool Living today.